Our Services

Our Services

Treatment generally requires a combination of a number of services listed here and many more too numerous to mention. Here are some of the main treatments we offer…


We carry out a broad range of surgeries at our practice, from routine spaying and castration to more intricate operations.

Among our experienced team we have surgeons who have attained post-graduate certificates and we take referrals from other practices in the area.

With the support of our highly qualified and experienced nurses, we are able to carry out complex cardiac diagnostic procedures and cardiothoracic surgery.

Blood Sampling

A blood sample will help in diagnosis of many conditions, our ‘on the premises’ laboratory helps to speed up the results process.

Dietary and Medicine Advice

A healthy diet’s as essential to the well-being of your pet as it is to you and we will always be happy to advise on maintaining a balanced diet to maintain optimum health.

Many of our patients are on life long medication which we also provide biannual medication checks. This is to ensure they are under our vet’s supervised care.

In some cases written prescriptions can be used to purchase medication via certified/accredited online veterinary pharmacies, in this instance these 6 monthly checks are even more vital to maintaining the health of your pets.

Electrocardiographs (ECG)

To diagnose certain conditions and to understand how your pet’s heart is working we are able to produce electrocardiographs which show a picture of the electrical activity of the heart.


All our surgeries are equipped with X-ray equipment which is used to take a look at your animal’s insides to detect bone fractures, organ condition and the presence of foreign bodies such as coins, balls, stones etc.


For a long and healthy life, your animals should be vaccinated against common diseases.

Nail Clipping

Maintaining nails and claws not only helps your animal’s comfort but also ensures safer handling.

Blood Pressure Monitoring

Assessing an animal’s blood pressure is useful as a measure of their general health and also helps to diagnose certain conditions, particularly in cats.
It is also helpful to monitor a patient’s blood pressure whilst it is under general anaesthesia.


Dental care is an important part of small animal practice.
Each surgery has excellent dentistry facilities enabling us to provide a wide range of dental health care from routine descaling through to more complicated dental procedures including extractions.
Our staff will be pleased to advise you regarding your pet’s dental health.

Urine Sampling

Urine samples will help in diagnosis of many conditions, our ‘on the premises’ laboratory helps to speed up the results process.

Endoscopy Exploration

Endoscopy involves using a fibre optic light and camera to visualise an area inside the body that would normally be difficult to see, for example inside the bowel or lungs.

It is also sometimes possible to use the endoscope to take small pieces of tissue (a biopsy) from these areas, which can be extremely helpful for making a diagnosis.

Ultrasound Scans

Ultrasound creates a ‘real-time’ picture of an animal’s organs and enables us to detect foreign objects, unusual shapes or pregnancy within an animal.