The worming treatment recommended for your cat will depend on their age and lifestyle. Both roundworms and tapeworms can easily be picked up from a hunting cat’s prey, but also via other routes, including kittens contracting worms from their mother. If you see little white, mobile “rice grains” around the anus, these are tapeworm segments, however the absence of visible worms on the cat or in the faeces does not guarantee that the cat is not infected. Preventing worm infestations is especially important if you have young children in the house.


Worming your Adult Cat

Adult cats should be treated at least twice, but preferably four times a year, with a multi-wormer against both roundworms and tapeworms. This is particularly important in cats that hunt.

The most commonly used worming preparations for adult cats are:


Milbactor (tablet)

This is a multi-wormer and is effective against roundworms, tapeworms and lungworm. It can be safely given in kittens over 6 weeks of age and that weigh at least 0.5kg.


Profender (Spot-on)

This treats against both roundworm and tapeworms and is a spot-on solution. This is particularly effective in cats that are difficult to give tablets to, although it cannot be used in kittens under 8 weeks of age.

Broadline (Spot-on)

This treats against tapeworm and roundworm and is a spot on solution, in addition it also treats fleas and ticks. It can be used in kittens from 7 weeks old that weigh more than 0.6kg.

Broadline can be used as an all in one flea and worming treatment


All of the products listed above can be used in adult cats, however as Panacur, Prinovox and Advocate do not treat tapeworm these cannot be used as the sole wormer in adult cats.


Flea control is also important in preventing tapeworm infection, as the tapeworm Dipylidium can be acquired through the cat ingesting fleas.

Other veterinary licensed worming products are available for cats, ask your vet for advise if you want to use a different product than the above mentioned.


Worming Pregnant Cats

Pregnant cats should be wormed once during pregnancy, using the product Panacur. This is important to reduce the chance of the newborn kittens becoming infected with worms when feeding.

Worming Your Cat