Mice are kept for many reasons, from being children’s pets to prize show animals. They may not seem to be ideal pets but are easy to keep in captivity and many people find them enjoyable to have around.

Most captive mice in this country are of the species Mus musculus, although other more specialist species are occasionally seen.


In the past most mice sold as children’s pets were white, although many other colour variants are possible.

‘Selfs’ have one body colour all over (e.g. white, black, chocolate, fawn, etc.)

‘Tans’ have one colour on the upper body (e.g. black, chocolate) and are tan underneath.

‘Marked’ animals are white mice with a variety of colour patterns (e.g. banded – cover photograph).

The final group is the broadly named AOVs (any other variety). These include coat markings such as agouti, chinchilla and long haired.

Should you chose to get involved in breeding and showing mice The National Mouse Club can give you all the information and advice you need.

Why Choose Pet Mice
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