New Cat Ward

at mercer and hughes veterinary surgeons

What's New Pusscat?

We are so excited to reveal to you our new cat-friendly ward at our Saffron Walden Veterinary Hospital!

We are working towards the internationally recognised Cat Friendly Clinic accreditation with ISFM (International Society of Feline Medicine) and will keep you updated! Our practice Cat Advocate Jackie Morgans RVN holds certificates in Feline Nursing and Behaviour with ISFM and is available to help with any cat related questions or problems you may have.

Calm and Quiet

Our new cat ward is completely separate from our dog kennels, meaning that our feline residents have a calm and quiet space in which to chill out and relax. This is especially important when recovering from surgery or generally feeling a bit under the weather.

calm and quiet cat ward with spacious cat kennels
vat nurse stroking cat in cat ward

Natural Light

A large window provides a Room with a View, with views of the garden area and loads of natural light.

Added Calm

To further inject an aura of calmness, we continually use Feliway diffusers and Valerian drops on their bedding.

Hide Houses and Comfortable Bedding

Hide Houses can be provided which give cats the option to hide away in their kennels should they need to, or give cats an option to sleep higher up if they prefer.

Cat in a hide house
card ward weighing and feeding area

Separate Food Prep Area

We provide a wide range of commercial wet and dry foods to suit all tastes, alongside freshly cooked white fish and chicken, and treats such as tinned tuna and pilchards.

Our Cat-Friendly Cat Ward...

...Because cats have very different needs to dogs

cat-friendly ward at Mercer and Hughes Vets
What’s New Pussycat? Introducing Our NEW Cat Ward at Mercer and Hughes Vets Saffron Walden