The Frequency of Vaccinations

The routine administration of vaccines in dogs has been one of the most significant factors in the consistent reduction of serious canine infectious diseases. However there have been some concerns raised about the frequency of vaccination both by vets and pet owners.

To combat this, vaccine manufacturers have altered their guidelines and we no longer vaccinate against everything every year.


What We Vaccinate Against and When

In this practice we only vaccinate against Parvovirus, Distemper and Infectious Hepatitis every 3rd year, however studies have shown that immunity to Leptospirosis wanes quite quickly so we vaccinate against that every year.


…there have been some concerns raised about the frequency of vaccination both by vets and pet owners.


Titre Testing for Levels of Immunity

Studies into immunity in animals show that duration of immunity can be quite variable; some animals remain immune for several years and in some, their immunity wanes much more quickly.

There is a blood test in cats and dogs that measures the levels of circulating antibodies to each of the infectious diseases. This is called titre testing.

It should be remembered that measuring levels of antibodies is only measuring part of the animal’s immune response, but there is no easy way of measuring all of it!

Titre Testing or Vaccination?

Titre testing can be carried out with an in-house test kit which is relatively inexpensive and quick and easy to do. Your pet will just need to have a small amount of blood taken and the results of the test are usually ready about half an hour later. They will tell you whether your pet has an adequate level of circulating antibodies or whether a vaccination is required. The titre test can be done yearly.


General Health Check

Whenever we do a vaccination or a titre test we always give your pet a general health check as well. This is really important as we can pick up on possible problems before they may become apparent to you as an owner, such as dental problems or heart murmurs.

We are also able to give you up-to-date advice on the latest and most effective flea and worm treatments and give you recommendations as to how you can help your pet remain in the best of health.

Vaccinations, Immunity and Titre Testing in Dogs
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