Who Can I Contact About a Stray?

The District Council is responsible for stray dogs found within the district. A collection service operates within normal offices hours, i.e. 8.30am to 4.30pm, Monday to Thursday and 8.30am to 4pm Friday.

The police will no longer have responsibility for taking in strays, and new arrangements have been put into place.

Alternatively, call us for further advice on what to do if you have found a stray dog.

If You Find a Stray Dog

If you find a stray dog outside normal offices hours please call the council’s out of hours service on 01223 849755, and you will be advised on where you can take the dog.

Alternatively if you can keep the dog until the next working day you can contact the Animal Warden on 01799 510594, who will arrange to collect the dog from you.

Please do not release the dog to run again, as this could result in injury to the dog or other members of the public.



Unfortunately, there are penalties incurred for the admission of stray dogs.  This is not a fee put in place by any veterinary practice but by the council to encourage responsible pet ownership.


Microchipping Your Dog

Microchipping costs £17.50 (at time of writing) and needs doing only once. It is now a legal requirement to have your dog microchipped. The procedure involves a small data chip, the size of a grain of rice, being inserted underneath the skin between the shoulder blades. This chip then contains your contact details, which can be updated as necessary, and enables us to trace your pet back to you. We run nurses clinics here at our surgeries, Monday to Friday, and you can book your pet in at a convenient time to have this done.



‘Stray’ Cats

As we all know, cats can be very inquisitive creatures and will often go for walkabouts, this can be around their usual neighbourhood or even beyond. Remember these cats may not necessarily be lost but just being nosy. Even if you have not seen the cat before, do not be unduly concerned, as cats have a very good sense of direction and when cats get hungry they will go straight home to be fed. So do not feel the need to immediately pick a cat up and rush it in as a ‘stray’.

Try to deter your children from picking up kittens and bringing them home but tell them to put them back where they were found. Until kittens and young cats grow older and become braver and more aware of their surroundings they will not travel far from home. This is their security after all.


If you do see an animal in need of help and appears to be ‘stray’, then of course bring them in and we will try our hardest to reunite them with their owner.

Stray Dogs and Cats
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