General Health Check

Why Do A General Health Check

Regular checks by a vet are recommended as they can help to detect any health issues at an early stage and therefore treatment can be started before a pet becomes unwell.

Many problems can only be detected by a vet such as heart murmurs or abdominal masses. If our observations suggest further investigation, blood tests can pick up problems that are not apparent on a physical exam such as liver, kidney, or thyroid issues.

What’s Included in a General Health Check

A full physical examination with includes;

If you have any particular concerns with your pet  such as weight loss or excessive drinking, further tests can be recommended.

Annual Boosters and General Health Checks

Some species such as cats, dogs, rabbits and ferrets, require a yearly booster vaccination to help keep them protected from various, often fatal, illnesses.


Your pet’s vaccination appointment always comes with a comprehensive general health check to ensure they are in good health and help to spot any underlying conditions. Plus, if you are on the Pet Healthcare Plan, these are included!


This is a really good time to discuss any concerns you might have with your pet’s health.

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