Digital Radiography

Allows us to detect problems more quickly

Why Use Digital Radiography

At Mercer and Hughes we prefer to use digital radiography over traditional X-Rays because Digital X-Rays are quicker. 

As a result your pet doesn’t have to be under sedation or general anaesthetic as long and they give a better image so we can detect problems more easily.

Uses of Digital Radiography

  • X-rays are able to give us more information about different parts of the body that we can’t easily see or feel


  • They are particularly useful for detecting problems with bones such as fractures or arthritis or teeth such as tooth root abscesses


  • Chest radiographs are also useful for getting more information about the heart and lungs

Has Your Pet Swallowed Something it Shouldn’t?

Contrast media such as barium can highlight problems in the internal organs such as stomach and intestines.

This would allow us to see if a pet has swallowed a foreign object and it has lodged in the intestinal tract.

Are X-Rays Safe for My Pet?

X-rays are small amounts of radiation that pass through a body and are imprinted on a film which is then put into the digital processor and produces an image on the computer screen.

The level of radiation is tiny and very safe.

Animals may need to be sedated or anaesthetised for radiography.

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