Obesity and Nutrition Advice

Pet carrying a little (or a lot!) of excess baggage?

Weight Management for Pets

Book in for our FREE pet weight loss clinics with a vet nurse to get your pet back to their ideal weight.

Why Is It Important to Check My Pet's Weight?

Just like in humans, pets that are carrying excess weight can suffer from a range of medical problems, including:


  • difficulty moving
  • shortness of breath
  • worsened arthritis pain
  • diabetes
  • difficulty with self-grooming
  • decreased life expectancy
  • increased risk of urinary problems (especially in male cats)

FREE Weight Management Clinics

Our weight management clinics are FREE with one of our specially trained nurses. They will weigh your pet, ask about their diet and exercise, and make a plan with you to help them beat the bulge.

The result? A healthier, happier pet!

You can book a weight management appointment with one or our nurses online, or call your nearest surgery to book an appointment. Please allow up to 30 minutes for your first appointment (follow-up appointments are usually about 10 minutes long).

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