New Puppy and Kitten Checks

So you’ve picked up your new bundle of fluff – now what?

New Member of the Family?

Book in for a free check with a nurse who will give your new puppy or kitten a check over and advise you on how best to look after them. Though if you have any concerns about their health then you must book in with a vet instead.

It’s all about making their first visit to the vets fun and friendly and to get them used to coming into practice – plus we love to make a fuss of them too!

Simply call your local Mercer and Hughes reception and request your free new puppy or kitten check.

Your New Puppy or Kitten Check

The Vet Will See You Now

You may prefer to have your new puppy or kitten seen by a vet. This is particularly important if you feel they may be unwell or have an underlying condition.

They will perform a full general health check particularly checking for any obvious congenital defects such as heart murmurs or hernias. The vet is also the best person to check your pet’s vaccination status and the best vaccination course to follow.

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