Dental Care for Pets

What to do and what to look out for

Why Should I Check My Pet's Teeth?

Just as with humans, it is essential to look after your pet’s teeth to help prevent bad breath, gum disease and tooth decay.

Tartar build up can cause bad breath and gum recession and if untreated can lead to painful tooth root abscesses and the loss of teeth.

Bacteria from infected gums can also be released into the blood stream and have serious effects on an animals internal organs and make them unwell.

Good teeth hygiene and regular dental checks can help to prevent this.

How do I know If My Pet Has Bad Teeth or Gums?

  • Bad breath (halitosis)


  • Excessive dribbling


  • Pawing at mouth


  • Difficulty eating


  • Reluctance to eat


  • Pain on eating


  • Discoloured teeth

What Pet Dental Services Do You Offer?

  • Full examination of the mouth, removal of tartar and scale and polish
  • Removal of loose or infected teeth, examination of tongue and oral cavity
  • Free dental check with a nurse a week later to check the mouth and includes free dental pack with toothbrush and sample of tooth paste
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