The Effect of a Pheromone Collar on Puppy Development

Mercer and Hughes Vets are working with the University of Lincoln on a new study looking into the effect of pheromone collars on a puppy’s development. It is free to take part, you get everything you need, and you can withdraw at any time.

puppies playing socialisation at Mercer and Hughes Veterinary Surgery

Why Get Involved?

Pheromone collars are widely used to help reduce stress in dogs and to help puppies cope with common challenges. Lincoln University are seeking volunteers to help take part in a study to assess (on a wide puppy scale) puppy behavioural development when exposed to a pheromone product, in comparison with the incidence of common behaviour problems developing over time in dogs.

I'm Interested In Taking Part, What Do I Need To Do?

The study involves you agreeing to put a special collar on your puppy and replacing it every month until the puppy is 6 months old.

  • NOTE: This product is not a drug.

You will be asked to complete a simple check sheet relating to your puppy’s behaviour every month, and your continuation in the study is dependent on this.

Each month you will be sent a new collar direct to your home.

  • All data is stored securely and the University of Lincoln will only use your personal details to get in touch with you about his study. It will not be used for any other purposes.
  • At the end of the study, the University of Lincoln will remove all personally identifiable information from their database.

What Happens If I Want To Stop Taking Part?

Your participation is entirely voluntary and you have the right to withdraw at any time, without giving a reason.

If for any reason you become concerned about your puppy’s behaviour you should seek expert assistance in the normal way. Also, please contact the study co-ordinator so that they can assess if you can continue with the study. Your puppy’s wellbeing and your peace of mind must always come first.

Do We Get The Real Product During The Trial?

This is a double-blind placebo controlled study. If you choose to take part, there is an equal chance of being given the active product or a blank (placebo) one. Double blind means that not even the researchers know which collars are placebo or real.

Neither you, nor the person monitoring the study and analysing the data will know which product you have been given until after the study is complete.

At the end, we will be able to tell you whether you were in the group receiving the product or the placebo.


PLEASE NOTE: There would be no negative impact for your puppy if assigned to the placebo group. In this case, your puppy would develop as normal as if they had not taken part in this study and not received any treatment.

As A Small Thank You For Your Time

Owners who complete all questionnaires will receive a pack of doggy health and welfare goodies from Ceva Animal Health, including some of their pheromone products.

The pack will include 1 x pheromone collar, 1 x pheromone spray, and 1 x toothpaste.

You will also be entered into a draw to enter and iPad. There is a 1 in 50 chance of winning this prize.

How Do I Sign Up?

Please read the list below and confirm that you meet the criteria for inclusion in this study.

Sign Up Now

if you meet the criteria for this study and would like to take part, please email the University of Lincoln at
Puppy Development Study with the University of Lincoln
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