Our Tortoise Information Evenings occur twice a year pre and post hibernation, usually around March and October. They are designed to give you information on how to care for your pet tortoise at these crucial times, plus how to keep you pet tortoise healthy throughout the rest of the year. Our March date is Wednesday 14th March 2018 at our saffron Walden surgery.

Chat to other tortoise owners and our tortoise specialists vet Ilse and vet nurse Jackie.

What to Expect at Tortoise Info Evenings

  • Weigh and measure your tortoise (very important pre-hibernation to ensure they are the correct weight to hibernate, and post-hibernation to ensure they haven’t lost too much weight).
  • Advice on how to hibernate your tortoise
  • What food to feed your tortoise
  • Supplements you can give
  • Equipment and temperature guidelines


And if you’re lucky, you may even get to take part in our Tortoise Quiz!

Can’t Make The Date?

Come to see Ilse Pedler the week before or after the Tortoise Information Evening for a pre or post hibernation check for just £10.

Looking After Your Tortoise Before & After Hibenation

looking after your tortoise before and after hibenation