cat only clinics Mercer and Hughes Vets

Cat-Only Clinics

Taking your cat to the vet can be a stressful experience – both for your cat and for you! To help make taking your cat to the vet less stressful we now offer Cat Only Clinics at our Saffron Walden surgery.

claw clipping pets Mercer and Hughes Vets

Puppy Socialisation at Puppy Pre-School

Your puppy’s first 12 weeks are crucial – our Puppy Pre-School helps get them socialising early and  gives you the tools to help them make the best start

weight obesity clinic Mercer and Hughes Vets

Obesity and Nutrition Advice

Pet carrying a little (or a lot!) of excess baggage? Free weight management clinics with a vet nurse to get your pet back to their ideal weight

tortoise information icons at Mercer and Hughes

Tortoise Information Evenings

Our Tortoise Information Evenings occur twice a year pre- and post-hibernation, usually around March and October. They are designed to give you information on how to care for your pet tortoise at these crucial times, plus how to keep you pet tortoise healthy