Pet Passports

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Do I Need a Pet Passport?

If you want to travel with your dog, cat or ferret and either re-enter the UK at a later date, then you will need to have a valid Pet Passport.

You will also require a Pet Passport if you are emigrating to an EU or non-EU listed country (a country with passport requirements).

What are the Pet Passport Requirements?

Check The Requirements of Your Origin and Destination Countries Before You Travel

Check the list of approved countries on the DEFRA website (Department for Environment Food and Rural Affairs).

Visit the UK Government website to check the latest Pet Passport requirements.


When the UK leaves the EU at 11pm on 31st January 2020, we will enter a period of transition until 31st December 2020.

Keep an eye on the latest government advice regarding if your pet passport will become invalid. The British Veterinary Association also has up-to-date advice regarding the developing situation. Our latest blog post on travelling with your pet after Brexit can also be found by clicking the icon above.

We will keep this page updated as we learn more.

However, if you are planning to take your pet abroad after 31st December 2020 and have yet to arrange a Pet Passport, you should speak to your vet now. Current advice is to contact your vet at least 4 months before travel.

Pet Passports can only be issued by certain registered vets – please check when booking

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