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Do I Need a Pet Passport or Animal Health Certificate?

If you want to travel with your dog, cat or ferret from January 1st 2021 to the EU or Northern Ireland then you will need to have an Animal Health Certificate. GB-issued Pet Passports will no longer be valid. Vets are able to issue AHCs from 22nd December 2020 to cover travel after the New Year.

 Great Britain is a Third Country from 1st January 2021, but has been granted Part 2 Listed status in terms of non-commercial pet travel by the EU.

What are the Animal Health Certificate (AHC) Requirements for travel from Great Britain directly to a listed EU Country?

Your pet will require a new Animal Health Certificate for each trip to the EU or Northern Ireland

Pets based in Northern Ireland can return to Northern Ireland on a NI-issued pet passport, and will not need an AHC

Your pet must have one of the following documents when returning to GB from the EU:

an EU pet passport (issued in the EU, or in GB before 1 January 2021)

or a pet passport from a Part 1 listed third country

the AHC issued in GB used to travel to the EU – which you can use up to 4 months after it was issued

a GB pet health certificate (for travel into GB only)

Your pet WILL NOT need this documentation if it’s entering GB from NI, the Channel Islands, or the Isle of Man

If you are travelling to the EU, but your first destination is an unlisted Third Country, then you will need to follow a different procedure regarding the rabies vaccination

Check The Requirements of Your Origin and Destination Countries Before You Travel​

Check the list of approved countries on the DEFRA website (Department for Environment Food and Rural Affairs).

AHCs can only be issued by certain registered vets – please check when booking