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You can now request repeat prescriptions online

You may obtain veterinary prescription only medicines (POM-Vs) directly from your veterinary surgeon, or you may ask for a written prescription and obtain these medicines from another veterinary surgery or from a pharmacy that stocks veterinary medicines.

Medications or
Written Prescriptions

Your veterinary surgeon can only prescribe POM-Vs for animals under his/her care. The RCVS has defined “under his care” as meaning having seen the animal immediately before making a prescription or recently enough or often enough for the veterinary surgeon to have personal knowledge of the condition of the animal or current health status of the herd or flock to make a diagnosis and prescribe.

The general policy of this practice is to re-assess an animal requiring a repeat prescription every 3 months.

This may vary with individual animals and at the discretion of the veterinary surgeon.  Medication check consultation fees will apply.

Writing or dispensing a prescription will require 48hrs notice and will cover the treatment of an animal for a 1-3 month period only. Prescriptions must be collected from the surgery.

There is a fee per prescription (1 month £9.83 and 3 months £14.47 at the time of writing).

Further information on the prices of medicines is available on request.

A written prescription may not be appropriate if your animal is an in-patient, or if immediate treatment is necessary. You will be informed, on request, of the price of any medicine that may be prescribed for your animal.

Due to the Coronavirus outbreak, prescriptions are taking slightly longer to process, so please allow extra time for this. Payment will be required before collection, which will be 'no contact' - please call us when you are in the car park and we will deliver the prescription to the door. Thank you

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Repeat Prescription Request Forms

THIS IS A SERVICE FOR REGISTERED CLIENTS OF MERCER AND HUGHES VETERINARY SURGERY ONLY. Please complete the form below. Prescriptions will take up to 72 hours to be processed and we will endeavor to contact you if there is any reason that it cannot be filled. Please also note that orders placed after 4.00pm on a Friday will not be ready for collection until after midday on Tuesday. If there is a bank holiday please note the order will be delayed by a further 24 hours to allow us to get the medication from our supplier. If you have any questions or problems filling out your request please call the surgery during work hours so we can help!

If you are not registered then you will not be able to obtain repeat prescriptions. To register please call one of the branches or fill in the registration form.

Please note, that during the Coronavirus COVID-19 lockdown, we have had to temporarily close our Stansted and Bocking surgeries. They will be back up and running as soon as we are able to resume normal activities. Please also allow us extra time to process your order, as our supplier deliveries are taking a little longer to get to us. Collections are required to be no-contact, so please wait outside and call us when you are here to collect. Payments will be required by phone beforehand. Thank you for your understanding.

If you are unsure if your pet has been seen in the last 3 months please contact the surgery. If your pet has not been seen in the last 3 months then we will need to see your pet for a medication check.

As registered at the practice

Please only fill in this section if you require more than one prescription item.

Please only fill in this section if you require more than two prescription items.

If you require a written prescription please note there is a charge of £9.83 per drug for a 30 day prescription or £14.47 per drug for a 3 month prescription. The written prescription must be collected from the chosen surgery.

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