Is Your Pet Carrying Excess Baggage?

Obesity is the most commonly seen issue in dogs and cats, and is a major welfare and health concern.  It is an increasing concern in “cage pets” such as rabbits and guinea pigs, who can suffer many of the same problems as a result of obesity.

If your pet is even slightly overweight, they may be more likely to develop a variety of other problems, including arthritis and other joint conditions, heart and breathing problems, diabetes mellitus, constipation, poor coat condition and skin infections.  

It has been shown that obesity decreases life expectancy, and it can cause an increased anaesthetic risk for any procedures they may have to undergo.

Weight Management Clinics

Run by qualified veterinary nurses, we will;

  • Assess your pets current weight and body condition
  • Discuss your pet’s lifestyle and feeding habits
  • Determine if your pet needs to lose weight


We can then help you develop an exercise and feeding regime that fits in with your lifestyle.

Presciption Weight Loss Food for Pets

We are able to prescribe special veterinary formulated diets that suit your pet, ensuring your pet gets a balanced diet and all the nutrients that they need.

Any weight should be lost gradually over a period of time so we will provide achievable weight loss targets, with both the veterinary surgeons and qualified nurses on hand to support you throughout.

weight management nurse clinics Mercer and Hughes

Underlying Medical Issues Causing Weight Gain

If you feel that there may be an underlying cause behind your pet’s weight gain (or even weight loss), than please book in to see one of our vets.

We can then diagnose and treat any underlying conditions and refer you to our free weight clinics with a qualified nurse if we feel it is needed.