A New Range of Pet Herbal Treatments Coming Soon

Ilse Pedler, our Homeopathic vet, is now able to offer herbal treatments for your pet too. Herbal treatments come in the form of herbal teas or tinctures, and can also be made into ointments and salves. Different parts of the plants can be used to make herbal medicines.

What conditions Can Benefit From Herbal Treatments?

Conditions that can be treated include;

  • Acute and chronic diarrhoea and other gastro-intestinal problems
  • Skin problems including allergies
  • Liver and kidney problems
  • Respiratory problems
  • Behavioural issues such as fears and phobias

Your Holistic Consultation

Herbal treatment can be discussed in an holistic consultation where Ilse will also discuss diet and environmental factors, as well as your pet’s particular problem.

Holistic treatment tries to take into account the underlying cause of the illness rather than just the symptoms.

Please contact your local Mercer and Hughes Veterinary Surgery to arrange your holistic consultation for herbal pet treatments.

Herbal Treatments Can Be Used Alongside Conventional Medicines

Herbal treatments for pets Ilse Pedler Mercer and Hughes