Osteoarthritis Clinics

at mercer and hughes veterinary surgeons

Osteoarthritis Nurse Clinics

Osteoarthritis is a common illness in pets, and can occur at any age but is particularly prevalent in older pets. Our Osteoarthritis clinics are designed to support you and your pet in building a better quality of life for them, slowing down the effects of muscle atrophy, and increasing their range of movement by helping them feel more comfortable.

Signs Your Pet Could Benefit From an Osteoarthritis Clinic

What Do Osteoarthritis Clinics Cover?

What's The Cost?

Our Osteoarthritis clinics cost £15 per session.

How to Book an Osteoarthritis Clinic

Our Osteoarthritis Clinics are currently run from our Great Dunmow Surgery with branch nurse Christina.

Please give them a call on 01371 872836 to book in.