Should I Spay or Neuter my Ferret?

Ferrets may have been be spayed or neutered prior to purchase. Unless you want to breed your prospective pet, neutering is preferred.

  • Intact (un-neutered) male ferrets have a musky odour and can be aggressive
  • female ferrets never go out of heat unless bred or given a specific injection. This prolonged heat results in bone marrow suppression from high levels of oestrogen, which is fatal unless treated early and aggressively with blood transfusions.


Breeding Ferrets

The gestation period, or length of pregnancy, is about 42 days (compared to 60 days for dogs and cats and 270 days for people). Like puppies and kittens, kits are born deaf and with their eyes closed.

They begin walking by about 3 weeks of age, which is also when their eyes and ears open. By about 6 weeks of age, they are weaned onto adult ferret food.

The average life span is 5-8 years; ferrets are considered geriatric pets at 3 years of age (compared to 8 years of age for dogs and cats).



Neutering Ferrets

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