Hamsters need plenty of bedding that will absorb moisture.

  • Wood shavings or paper litter can be used
  • There are also some hemp beddings available.
  • Sawdust should not be used as it is too fine and will inevitably lead to problems.
  • Shredded tissue can be used for nest building
  • Cotton wool and towels should be avoided as they can cause severe constipation
  • Any strands of material, artificial or natural, can wind around legs causing restricted blood flow.


All hamsters are best fed on a dried hamster food. When feeding mixed foods it is important not to throw away the pieces that the hamster doesn’t eat, instead they should be encouraged to eat these pieces by not replacing the rest of the food that they have eaten.

The best way to avoid this problem is to feed a uniform biscuit food such as Science Selective Hamster. Fresh vegetables, seeds and mealworms may be fed in very small quantities as occasional treats.

Looking After Your Hamster
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