Cats can get spooked by fireworks and load noises such as thunder. The tips on this page will hopefully help you to support your cat and make fireworks a less-stressful event.


Keep Them Inside

  • Keep curtains and doors closed.
  • Lock the cat flap so that they can’t bolt outside.
  • Turn the TV or radio on. Sometimes it helps to play soothing classical music.
  • Make sure litter trays are clean, food and water bowls are topped up and kept away from litter trays, and that each cat has access to at least one.

Let Them Hide

  • Make sure they have lots of hiding places.
  • Kit them out with blankets and cushions to make them extra snuggly.
  • Use a spray such as FELIWAY Classic to help them feel more secure.
  • If they do hide away, LEAVE THEM ALONE. Trying to entice your cat out to play will actually cause them more stress.

Try Some Calming Supplements

  • A FELIWAY Diffuser can be left plugged in, in an area your cat likes to be.
  • An additional spray of FELIWAY in their favourite hiding places can reinforce the calming effect (spray 15 minutes before you anticipate your cat using the space).
  • Try additional supplements such as Zylkene, a ‘mothers milk’ supplement (requires use approximately a week before a stressful event such as moving or fireworks, and then throughout the stressful peroid) or NUTRACALM (only requires a 2 hour loading time). Both of these are available without seeing the vet – ask our receptionists for details.

A Stress-Free Bonfire Night Video for Cats

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How to Keep Your Cat Calm During Fireworks
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