Fireworks and Pet Anxiety

How to keep pets calm during fireworks

Pet Firework Safety

Fireworks can be distressing for pets. The loud bangs and flashes can make pets anxious and want to hide away. Pets may shake, drool, pant, bolt at sudden sounds, or try and tuck themselves away under the bed or behind the sofa. The team at Mercer and Hughes Vets share their top tips  for firework pet safety.

Check That Microchip!

Ensure your pets are microchipped and your contact details are up to date. Every year we get dogs and cats handed into us because they have been spooked by fireworks and either become lost or can even get injured. So long as your pet is microchipped and your details correct we can reunite you with them very quickly.

Pet Pheromone Plug-ins

Plug in a cat and/or dog pheromone diffuser such as Feliway or Adaptil. These will help make your pet feel comforted and safe and help prevent or reduce stress-related behaviours.

Walk Dogs Early

Make sure you walk your dogs early evening before any fireworks are let off. 

Keep Cats Inside

If necessary keep your cats indoors and provide a litter tray for them.

Make a Den

Ensure your dogs (and especially cats) have places to hide like under the bed or behind a sofa. You could also make them a den – which could be as simple as a cardboard box with a towel over it.

Start Preparing for Fireworks Early

Be prepared! If your pet can become very distressed during firework season then consider starting them on an anti-anxiety treatment now. These can be powders or tablets you add to food, liquid to put onto bedding or a gel you can apply to a dogs gums. Some of these treatments require a check by a vet first – give us a ring or speak to a nurse and we can advise what treatment may be best for your pet.

Batten Down the Hatches

Make sure on the night your windows and doors are shut, block light out with black out curtains and play the radio or television. Do not punish them for becoming scared, and try not to overly fuss them as that can reinforce feelings of fear and encourage them to become more frightened.

Protect Rabbits and Guinea Pigs from Fireworks Too

Don’t forget about your small furries outside! Rabbits and Guinea pigs can become very frightened by loud noises. Consider bringing them inside or cover their hutch with a large blanket or something to help muffle the noise and block out the flashes.

Free Firework Advice

Our nurses run free clinics daily – if you have any concerns about fireworks and would like to know more about how you can help your pet, please make an appointment to come and speak to them or call for some advise.

How to Keep Pets Calm During Fireworks
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