Mice Cages

Mice can be housed successfully in commercial or home-built cages. These days the easiest thing by far is to purchase a cage or tank in which to house the mice.

The problem with most “mouse” cages is that they are too small.

A space 50 x 40 cm with a height of 25 cm will just about cater a pair of mice but the bigger the better.

For larger groups of mice glass tanks may be a more suitable way of providing space as even the largest of mice may squeeze out of a hamster cage as the bars tend to be too widely spaced.


Mouse Bedding

The bedding used in the cage is mainly down to personal preference, however sawdust must never be used as it is not good for the mice.

  • Wood shavings, paper/tissue or even some cat litters such as recycled paper (not the chalk or clumping varieties) can be used as the base substrate.
  • Mice enjoy having shredded tissue to nest with.
  • Avoid the synthetic cotton wool-type beddings as these can become tangled around digits or even whole limbs leading to serious damage.
  • Mice should be housed at between 14-26°C and never above 30°C, when they can die of heat stroke.
  • This is particularly important to bear in mind in the warmer months if mice are housed in and aquarium type home as ventilation can be limited.
How to House your Mouse
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