How To Help Your Dog Stay Calm

Dogs can be fearful of loud bangs and flashes of light, but there are steps you can take to help them keep calm and cope on fireworks night or during thunderstorms.

  • Build them a den which is dark and comfortable where they can go to hide
  • Use a plug-in diffuser like Adaptil which emits calming pheromones
  • Close all the windows and keep the curtains closed
  • Walk your dog during the day
  • Play music or have the television turned up loud to help drown out the noise
  • Supplements like Nutracalm and Zylkene can be used to help calm your dog without a sedative effect (Zylkene needs to be ‘loaded’ into their system about a week before, where as Nutracalm can be given 1-2 hours before the event)
  • Play games indoors to help distract your dog and divert their energy

We have videos and a behaviour questionnaire below to offer more help and advice for a dog who is afraid of loud noises.

If your dog does get particularly distressed and these options don’t appear to be working, it is always advisable to book an appointment with your vet to discuss other options.

Dog Behaviour Questionnaire

Adaptil has designed a simple 5 minute questionnaire to help you assess how badly your dog is affected by loud noises such as fireworks or thunder, and gives you a personalised report with recommendations on how to help them cope.

Click on the dog with fireworks image below to begin your behaviour assessment.



How To Calm A Dog During Fireworks

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Helping a Dog Scared of Thunder or Fireworks

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How To Help a Dog Who is Afraid of Fireworks or Thunder
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