Why Have Pet Insurance?

Choosing the right pet insurance can seem a bit of a minefield. It is your responsibility as a pet owner to make sure that, should your pet get ill or is involved in an accident, that you are able to provide the required veterinary care. For many owners, the only way to afford emergency or long-term medical care for their pet is with insurance.

Unfortunately, we often see owners who find out at the worst possible time that their insurance doesn’t cover everything they thought it did. So we would like to help you with choosing the right pet insurance, with help from the lovely people at the Association of British Insurers (the links on this page will take you to their website).

What Does Pet Insurance Cover?

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Depending on your policy, you can get cover for emergency treatment and vet fees, if your pet causes harm or damage to another person or their property, hospitalisation, holiday cancellation, overseas vet fees, and advertising costs. Read more >>

Common Exclusions

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Pregnancy and birthing costs, pre-existing conditions, routine treatments such as boosters, and preventative illnesses are some of the few things often not covered by insurance. Read more >>

What Else Should You Know?

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Excess payments, how the age and breed of your pet affects your premiums, and other things which affect the cost of insurance. Read more >>

Types of Pet Insurance Policy

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Do you want cover for accidents only, for a limited period of time, or lifetime cover? And how much do you want to be insured for per condition? These decisions have a direct impact on the cost of your policy. Read more >>

How Do I Make a Claim?

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Most insurance companies require you to fill in a form, and have your vet provide a report (who will charge an admin fee for doing this). They will also require a full veterinary medical history. Read more >>