Our Out Of Hours Service Is Changing

We need to update you about some important changes to our out-of-hours veterinary service and what to do if your pet needs emergency veterinary care at night, over the weekend or on bank holidays, when our practice is closed.
The past couple of years have put the veterinary industry under a lot of additional strain. Brexit has made the process of veterinary recruitment more difficult, and the pandemic has had everyone in the industry working harder, longer, and under increased pressure, meaning that many have chosen to leave the profession for good. This has resulted in a national shortage of vets and some very stressed out team members.
We have therefore made the decision to protect our current veterinary team here at Mercer and Hughes Veterinary Surgeons, providing them with a better work/life balance, whilst at the same time ensuring they are in the best possible position to look after your pets during our day surgeries.
Effective from Saturday 5th February 2022, we will be using Vets Now in Witham as our out-of-hours emergency care provider. This means that our vets are able to get a better night’s sleep, and are therefore in a far better place to look after your pets the following day.
In doing so, we also hope that our vets will feel well-rested, content in their roles, and therefore more likely to stay in the profession.
Vets Now are effectively an Accident and Emergency service for pets – it is what they do, so please do not worry about calling them at any time during the night, over the weekend or during the bank holidays. They will triage your call and advise you on whether your pet needs to be seen or can wait until we re-open again in the morning.
And should your pet require treatment at Vets Now in Witham overnight, you will be able to bring them back to us for follow-up care.
Importantly, if your pets have been admitted to our Saffron Walden Veterinary Hospital during the day and require overnight care, please do not worry, we will not be moving them anywhere. They will remain at our Saffron Walden Veterinary Hospital and be looked after by our dedicated night team.
So should you call us when we are closed, you will be given the number for Vets Now in Witham. Alternatively, you are welcome to call them directly on 01376 530759.
During our normal opening hours, there will be no change in our service. We will continue to provide you and your pet with the highest standards of veterinary care.
However, if your pet falls ill when we are closed, you can call the Vets Now team who will be happy to talk through your concerns.
We are currently working on updating our website and all other notices ready for the weekend.
At Mercer and Hughes, we are proud to be working with Vets Now and believe this new partnership offers you and your pet the best level of care both day and night.
For full details on how our out of hours service now works, please see our Emergency Vet Service page.
Changes To Our Out-Of-Hours Emergency Vet Service