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Our Veterinary Nurses

Ashley Plows RVN Head Nurse

Ashley Plows – RVN – Head Nurse

I first started my nursing career at a charity hospital in 2009, then moved to a smaller clinic to start and complete my veterinary nursing qualification. I qualified in January 2017 and started working at Mercer and Hughes in May. I am keen on expanding my knowledge and continuing to learn more about the profession. I have 2 dogs, a rescue staffie cross called Jaybo and a long haired Chihuahua called Myla Moo – who rules the house! Outside of work I enjoy spending time with my family (especially the fluffy ones with 4 legs!), visiting new places across the world and making my new house a home!

vet nurse Jackie Morgans

Jackie Morgans – RVN ISFMCertFN ISFMAdvCertFB – Deputy Head Nurse

I qualified as a Veterinary Nurse in 1997 and have worked in various practices including 12 years in a referral hospital. I joined Mercer and Hughes in 2010. My main interests are anything feline, particularly feline behaviour. I have completed the International Society Feline Medicine certificate in feline nursing and recently also the Advanced certificate in Feline Behaviour. I also have an interest in tortoises and organise our bi-annual tortoise events. I am also involved with the training of student veterinary nurses, having spent eleven years as a qualified NVQ assessor, and I am now one of Mercer and Hughes clinical coaches. In my spare time I enjoy travelling and have a very old tortoise and a cat called Millie-pig.

vet nurse Cat Wilson

Cat Wilson – Senior RVN – Stansted Surgery

I have been with Mercer and Hughes since 2009, I have taken different roles within the nursing team over the years, these days I can mostly be found at our Stansted surgery and occasionally the Saffron Walden Hospital. In addition to the usual daily nursing activities I take a great interest in “small furries” and birds, but most of all rabbits. I’ve had rabbits myself for most of my life and enjoy helping the bunnies I see in practice. This isn’t to the exclusion of cats and dogs – I love them all! I live near Cambridge with my husband and our extensive family of pets – at weekends I can usually be found down the garden with our rabbits, chickens and ducks.

Amber Chamberlain vet nurse

Amber Chamberlain – RVN

Veterinary Nurse Michaela Last with her pet dog Betty

Michaela Last – Qualified Veterinary Nurse

I joined Mercer and Hughes in January 2015 as a consult assistant and I am now a student veterinary nurse. I have always had a great interest in animals but this has grown stronger with my various work experiences. I have a particular interest in dogs and I am currently studying for a canine behaviour qualification alongside my nursing, and I also enjoy running the puppy parties at Saffron Walden. At home I have a variety of animals including a German shepherd Roxy, Staffie x Evie, Chihuahua x Yorkie Betty, Rabbit Lily, a hamster and several fish. In my spare time I like to spend time with friends, or training and walking the dogs.

Emma Trehearn Student Veterinary Nurse

Emma Trehearn - Qualified Veterinary Nurse

I joined Mercer and Hughes 3 1/2 years ago as an Auxillary Nursing Assistant (ANA) and consult helper. As I progressed, I was offered a Student Veterinary Nursing role. I attend college once a week and am very close to finishing (yay!). I adore all animals but horses and dogs are my favourite. I have a Collie/Lab X called Shadow, 2 cats called Marmalade and Misty, 6 chickens, 2 Indian runner ducks and honey bees! In my spare time I love to travel the world, attend to all my cheeky furry and feathered pals, and try not to get stung too many times when stealing honey!

sophie jennings vet nurse

Sophie Jennings - Registered Veterinary Nurse

I started my career in a small independent animal practice in 2018. I joined Mercer and Hughes veterinary hospital in May 2020 during the Covid pandemic and qualified this year, March 2021. Covid unfortunately delayed my qualification, but they say good things come to those who wait! I am keen on expanding my knowledge within the field and love to learn new things! I previously volunteered at a local wildlife park for about 2 and a half years and hope one day maybe to be an exotic/zoo RVN. In my spare time you can either find me at the gym or seeing my friends and of course, their fur-babies!

student veterinary nurse

Chloe Turner - Registered Veterinary Nurse

I started working at Mercer and Hughes in 2016, as a consult assistant, and I was then offered the amazing opportunity to study vet nursing, via a diploma in September 2018, so I go to college 1 day a week and work during the rest, meaning that I pick up skills and training whilst on the job. Once I have qualified I plan on working with big cats in South Africa. My menagerie at home consists of 2 retired ex-racing greyhounds, a tortoise called Turbo, 2 rabbits and a dwarf hamster. 

Student Vet Nurse Georgia

Georgia Cann - Registered Veterinary Nurse

I joined Mercer and Hughes in 2018 as an Auxillary Nursing Assistant and a consult helper. I was then offered an amazing role as a Student Veterinary Nurse. I attend college once a week and the rest of the time I am learning on the job in practice- mainly at the Saffron Walden branch. I love all aspects of nursing and learning something new on a daily basis. I love all animals but dogs are definitely my favourite! I have one puppydog at home named Boo and four guinea pigs: Betty, Winnie, Willow and Zara. In my spare time I love travelling and spending time with my friends and family.

Denise Galer - Registered Veterinary Night Nurse

Jackie White - Registered Veterinary Nurse

Student Vet Nurse Natalie

Natalie Butler - Nursing Assistant

I joined Mercer and Hughes early 2018 and began my nurse training later that year. I love caring for everyone’s pets as if they were my own. My biggest fur baby is my Akita x Malamute, I also have a cat, rabbit and two guinea pigs. I have to stop myself bringing all the strays home! I thoroughly enjoy caring for hedgehogs when they come in and I am a self confessed crazy hedgehog lady, having owned an APH called Milo who was possibly the most spoilt hedgehog on the planet! In my spare time I enjoy spending time with my fiancé, pets, family, friends, renovating my house and doing arts, crafts and baking!

Orla McCormick - Student Veterinary Nurse

Katie Bada - Student Veterinary Nurse

Susan Orton - Student Veterinary Nurse

I started Mercer and Hughes as a consult assistant in 2019. Before that I worked as a PCA at the RVC and left to do my Patient care assistant course at The College of Animal Welfare, followed by a year of my veterinary nurse diploma. I left to have my two children and I have now been lucky enough to continue my nurse training at Dick White referral as an apprentice, whilst working part time.

I have always loved animals and have spent over 10 years working in different veterinary environments. At home we have a black labrador ‘Buddy’ and a minature dachshund ‘Daisy’. We also have two tortoises Taffy and Biscuit, two bunnies Woody and Blossom and a frog that my son chose called Edward.

grace rooke vet nurse

Grace Rooke - Student Veterinary Nurse

I first started working at doggy boarding kennels from age 13, I then went on to study an animal management qualification at Writtle. In 2019, I started as a consult assistant at Mercer and Hughes. After less than a year, I was given the opportunity to start the veterinary nursing qualification! I am really enjoying my training, my favourite aspect is caring for the inpatients and especially any wildlife patients!

At home I have a retired racing greyhound, a crazy lurcher and two rabbits!

Flora Tuck - Student Veterinary Nurse

Rebecca Layzell - Student Veterinary Nurse