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Our Veterinary Nurses

Ashley Plows RVN Head Nurse

Ashley Plows – RVN – Head Nurse

I first started my nursing career at a charity hospital in 2009, then moved to a smaller clinic to start and complete my veterinary nursing qualification. I qualified in January 2017 and started working at Mercer and Hughes in May. I am keen on expanding my knowledge and continuing to learn more about the profession. I have 2 dogs, a rescue staffie cross called Jaybo and a long haired Chihuahua called Myla Moo – who rules the house! Outside of work I enjoy spending time with my family (especially the fluffy ones with 4 legs!), visiting new places across the world and making my new house a home!

vet nurse Jackie Morgans

Jackie Morgans – RVN ISFMCertFN ISFMAdvCertFB – Deputy Head Nurse

I qualified as a Veterinary Nurse in 1997 and have worked in various practices including 12 years in a referral hospital. I joined Mercer and Hughes in 2010. My main interests are anything feline, particularly feline behaviour. I have completed the International Society Feline Medicine certificate in feline nursing and recently also the Advanced certificate in Feline Behaviour. I also have an interest in tortoises and organise our bi-annual tortoise events. I am also involved with the training of student veterinary nurses, having spent eleven years as a qualified NVQ assessor, and I am now one of Mercer and Hughes clinical coaches. In my spare time I enjoy travelling and have a very old tortoise and a cat called Millie-pig.

vet nurse Cat Wilson

Cat Wilson – Senior RVN – Stansted Surgery

I have been with Mercer and Hughes since 2009, I have taken different roles within the nursing team over the years, these days I can mostly be found at our Stansted surgery and occasionally the Saffron Walden Hospital. In addition to the usual daily nursing activities I take a great interest in “small furries” and birds, but most of all rabbits. I’ve had rabbits myself for most of my life and enjoy helping the bunnies I see in practice. This isn’t to the exclusion of cats and dogs – I love them all! I live near Cambridge with my husband and our extensive family of pets – at weekends I can usually be found down the garden with our rabbits, chickens and ducks.

Night RVN Emma Crosby

Emma Crosby – Night RVN

I have been for Mercer and Hughes for almost 3 years after qualifying as an RVN in 2014. When I left school I studied Animal Care, but then changed careers and became a mortgage advisor, working in London, before I started a family. I returned to the veterinary industry 10+ years ago and have never looked back! I joined Mercer and Hughes in June 2014 as a trainee veterinary nurse after completing the majority of my training at another practice, qualifying as an RVN in August 2015.  After working a combination of days and nights at both Dunmow and Saffron Walden I now work as the night nurse at the Saffron Walden hospital. At home I have three cats (Buzz, Phoebe and Tiger-Lily) and a crazy Boston terrier called Winston.

emily bird rvn

Emily Bird – RVN

I first began working at the Saffron Walden branch in 2012 as a consult assistant and evening helper and then went on to complete my degree in Veterinary Nursing from the Royal Veterinary College in London. I have 2 very spoilt doggies Albert (pug) and Lola (French Bulldog) and two naughty cats Arnold and Nelson! I spend my free time with my friends and family and drinking lots of tea 🙂

Amber Chamberlain vet nurse

Amber Chamberlain – RVN

Veterinary Nurse Michaela Last with her pet dog Betty

Michaela Last – Qualified Veterinary Nurse

I joined Mercer and Hughes in January 2015 as a consult assistant and I am now a student veterinary nurse. I have always had a great interest in animals but this has grown stronger with my various work experiences. I have a particular interest in dogs and I am currently studying for a canine behaviour qualification alongside my nursing, and I also enjoy running the puppy parties at Saffron Walden. At home I have a variety of animals including a German shepherd Roxy, Staffie x Evie, Chihuahua x Yorkie Betty, Rabbit Lily, a hamster and several fish. In my spare time I like to spend time with friends, or training and walking the dogs.

Emma Trehearn Student Veterinary Nurse

Emma Trehearn - Qualified Veterinary Nurse

I joined Mercer and Hughes 3 1/2 years ago as an Auxillary Nursing Assistant (ANA) and consult helper. As I progressed, I was offered a Student Veterinary Nursing role. I attend college once a week and am very close to finishing (yay!). I adore all animals but horses and dogs are my favourite. I have a Collie/Lab X called Shadow, 2 cats called Marmalade and Misty, 6 chickens, 2 Indian runner ducks and honey bees! In my spare time I love to travel the world, attend to all my cheeky furry and feathered pals, and try not to get stung too many times when stealing honey!

Sophie Jennings - Qualified Veterinary Nurse

Rebecca Rowe-Wakeling – Student Veterinary Nurse

I first started working for Mercer and Hughes in 2013 when I was lucky enough to get a placement for work experience. I then volunteered until the beginning of 2015 when I was offered a part time job as a consult assistant. I started my first year of training to be a veterinary nurse in December 2015. Since then I have been working in the practice and attending college one day a week. At home I have three dogs, one chinchilla, a gerbil and five cats, two of which I fostered from the practice. From a young age I have always aspired to work with animals and I one day hope to specialise in larger animals.

student veterinary nurse

Chloe Turner - Student Veterinary Nurse

I started working at Mercer and Hughes in 2016, as a consult assistant, and I was then offered the amazing opportunity to study vet nursing, via a diploma in September 2018, so I go to college 1 day a week and work during the rest, meaning that I pick up skills and training whilst on the job. Once I have qualified I plan on working with big cats in South Africa. My menagerie at home consists of 2 retired ex-racing greyhounds, a tortoise called Turbo, 2 rabbits and a dwarf hamster. 

Student Vet Nurse Natalie

Natalie Butler - Student Veterinary Nurse

I joined Mercer and Hughes early 2018 and began my nurse training later that year. I love caring for everyone’s pets as if they were my own. My biggest fur baby is my Akita x Malamute, I also have a cat, rabbit and two guinea pigs. I have to stop myself bringing all the strays home! I thoroughly enjoy caring for hedgehogs when they come in and I am a self confessed crazy hedgehog lady, having owned an APH called Milo who was possibly the most spoilt hedgehog on the planet! In my spare time I enjoy spending time with my fiancé, pets, family, friends, renovating my house and doing arts, crafts and baking!

Orla McCormick - Student Veterinary Nurse

Student Vet Nurse Georgia

Georgia Cann - Student Veterinary Nurse

I joined Mercer and Hughes in 2018 as an Auxillary Nursing Assistant and a consult helper. I was then offered an amazing role as a Student Veterinary Nurse. I attend college once a week and the rest of the time I am learning on the job in practice- mainly at the Saffron Walden branch. I love all aspects of nursing and learning something new on a daily basis. I love all animals but dogs are definitely my favourite! I have one puppydog at home named Boo and four guinea pigs: Betty, Winnie, Willow and Zara. In my spare time I love travelling and spending time with my friends and family.

Katie Bada - Student Veterinary Nurse

Susan Orton - Student Veterinary Nurse

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