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Charity Dog walk 2017




Help for Support for Sight

Thanks to all those who come and payed us a visit at the Audley End Charity Dog Walk for Support for Sight.


New Vet & Vet Return

You may have seen some new faces at Mercer and Hughes, this includes new vet Blanca and the return of Catherine from maternity leave.

Update on neutering advice

Recent studies have shown that there can be a higher incidence of cancer (bone cancer and mast cell tumours) in larger breed dogs that were neutered before 12 months of age. The studies were carried out in Rottweilers, Viszlas and Golden Retrievers.

We are therefore changing our advice in line with this new research, we now will be recommending any dog that should reach an expected adult weight of over 20 kg to wait until at least 12 months old before castration.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to get in contact, if you still wish to have a larger breed dog neutered before 12 months then we will be happy to accommodate you.

Tortoise Evening

Many thanks to all those who joined for the first of out two tortoise evenings. We hope you found it both enjoyable and informative.  IMG_3976 IMG_3977 IMG_3978 IMG_3979 IMG_3980 IMG_3984 IMG_3986 IMG_3988 IMG_3989 IMG_4002 IMG_4006 IMG_4011 IMG_4016 IMG_4021 IMG_4023

***Services Update***

In recent years we have seen a reduction in our equine work and and as a consequence we are finding it increasingly difficult to employ veterinary surgeons with any experience of horses. We are therefore concerned that we are not able to provide the expert veterinary care that we would want to.

The partners regret having to outsource our equine work as we have valued and enjoyed working with horses over the years, however we don’t feel we want to carry on and offer a lower standard of service than we would be happy with.

If you have any queries, please contact Seamus Mone or Stephen Flood at the surgery to discuss the situation in more detail.

Due to the area that we cover the contact details are as follows should you need to contact them.

The Acorns Veterinary Clinic. – If you have an equine emergency, please phone: Dunmow clients – 07805 770726

Rossdales team based Hertfordshire. If you have an equine emergency, please phone: Rossdales Hertfordshire 01462-790221

Rossdales team based in Newmarket. If you have an equine emergency, please phone: Rossdales Newmarket – 01638-663150





Is now live at all our surgeries.

We have a new partner at Mercer & Hughes.

We’ve got a new partner! Ilse, Stephen and Seamus are pleased to announce that they have taken on a new partner Becky Kitchen. Becky has been working with us for a couple of years and lives in Thaxted with her husband and two dogs. Taking on a new partner reinforces our independence and difference from veterinary chains and means we can continue to look to the future with enthusiasm!


Christmas Stock

Our Christmas stock is in. Pop in to pick up presents for your pets.

Fireworks Night

Fireworks season is rapidly approaching us. If your pet has a fear of fireworks please get in contact with us to see how we can help.

 Saffron Walden September Puppy Pre-School Graduates



A new strain of Rabbit Viral Haemorrhagic disease (RHDV2) has appeared in the UK in recent years. This strain has been present on the continent in farmed and wild rabbits since 2010. This RHDV2 is less virulent than the original strain and has a lower mortality rate. It can affect rabbits under 4 weeks old.
Although rabbits can die suddenly, some can recover and others may show no clinical signs at all. The number of cases reported in the UK so far is very low, although the media interest in the disease has increased recently which may give the impression that it is more common than is actually the case.

We have had no cases so far at any of the surgeries but we are monitoring the situation closely.
In the UK, definitive diagnosis of RHD is difficult in the live animal.  There is no blood test. Diagnosis is usually made by tests on the liver after death.

In the UK, prevention of the new variant of RHD (RHDV2) is difficult. The only vaccine that is available is a combined myxomatosis /RHD 1 vaccine, (Nobivac Myxo-RHD) this offers some protection against RHDV2 but some rabbits are still susceptible to infection. Vaccines against RHDV2 are available in other European countries and can be imported into UK if they are available.

At the moment we are monitoring the situation. If we see any confirmed cases of the new disease or if we feel that there is demand for the RHD2 vaccine we will arrange to import it.

It should be emphasized that myxomatosis is still the most common disease of rabbits in the UK and it is important to have your pet rabbits vaccinated annually against this far more common and distressing diease.

If you have any questions about the new disease or about the vaccine, please contact us at the surgery and arrange to speak with one of our vets.


Saffron Walden July Puppy Pre-School

Meet Louie, Roguem Arthur, Rusty and Poppy who all took part in Saffron Walden’s puppy pre-school with Michaela.

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Great Dunmow Puppy Pre-School Dates August 2016

 Tuesday 9th – 7:30-8:30pm

Tuesday 16th – 7:30-8:30pm


Saffron Walden June Puppy Pre-School Graduates.


Congratulations to Dougie, Freddie, Puffin and Nyx for graduating from Saffron Walden’s June Puppy Pre-School.

Nurse Clinics at Saffron Walden

We now have an RVN providing nurse clinics throughout the day at our Saffron Walden Hospital. Please contact reception if you wish to make an appointment. Nurse Clinics are great for helping with weight, flea and worm advice and nail clipping.

Nurse clinics at Stansted

We are now offering nurse clinics on Tuesday and Thursday mornings between 9:30 and 10am.


Saffron Walden Hospital Status

We have now been awarded the RCVS Animal Hospital Status.

This is the top accreditation provided by the RCVS. To find out what we have to do to maintain this levels please follow the link below.